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Our aim is to build a stronger Bridge between Galicia, Spain, and Sweden. Lift up the historical Events & Cultural activity from the past-present-future. 

Help with the integration and improve relationships and activities in both countries. Using all types of bridges such as language learning and practice, gastronomy, and building stronger network among the lovers of Galicia and Sweden. 

Who We Are

We are a Non profitable organisation that started up 2012, 12, 21 with an idea to help the Youth. Since then a lot of things has happened. Se our portfolio by pressing Here. We have worked with youth and ambassador and Hollywood star Therése Neaimé andDagny Carlsson an iron lady of 109 years old for the last six years. (R.I.P 24 march 2022) From now and for future we have reorgonized the importance of Role Models and Heroes and take a firm step towards our historical roots and lift the common story from 13th Century when our Holy Birgitta went twice to Santiago Compostela. Said and Done! Come with us and let us together walk the path from hereonafter.

BB Back to Basic, lets take a step back in history to find our roots. It is our aim to make this Journey posible for as many as posible. Welcome in as a member, press here



Non profitable organisation, Sweden


Building Bridge to Galicia, Spain. History and Rolemodels in present times. 


El camino matters!.

Hassle free process to make the journey start with a single step

Get in Touch

Are you interested to form a group and would like to have some help arranging it. Welcome! You have come to the right place.

We have a collaboration with Galicia and their specialized people. We have contacts with the travelagents from some contries in Europe such as Stockholm, Sweden.


Come in groups and communities

No matter how you prefer to go to Galicia, it will always be reasons to revalue and set a Goal to get going. 

Get in touch!

It is possible to come to Galicia as a tourist or organize events together with work colleagues or friends. 

You can go "El Camino", get closer to your ancestors and roots as well as a deeper connections to nature and more 

Bbeabridge to Galicia